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Government Launches New THINK Drink Drive Campaign

New Programme Will Highlight The Long-Term Implications Of Driving Bans


The government has launched its latest THINK! drink-driving campaign, with a heavy focus being placed on the long-term implications of receiving a motoring ban.

Police usually increase their patrols in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as a greater number of people are caught behind the wheel after consuming alcohol at a festive party.

The THINK! 'Snowball Effect' programme will underline the fact that many Britons could lose their job if they are caught drink driving.

Figures show up to one million UK residents might be sacked if they are banned from the road, while 27 per cent of employees would have to give up their job because they need their car to get to and from work.

People may also find it much harder to secure employment in the future, as three-quarters of companies take criminal convictions into account when hiring new staff.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill said: "Just one drink can put you over the limit and the consequences are devastating - not only will you be cuffed and put in a cell, but if you're convicted you will lose your licence and, as this research shows, you could even lose your job."

Simon Edwards, head of logistics at recruiting firm Manpower, stated the jobs market is very competitive and a drink-driving conviction can put a candidate at an instant disadvantage.

He believes it is not uncommon for an employer to scale their search down to two applicants, before choosing the person who has a clean record.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has backed the government's new campaign, with the organisation's director of policy and research Neil Greig suggesting that drink driving wrecks lives in all kinds of unexpected ways.

For some, he added, this could be living with the guilt of causing a death or serious injury, while others will have to deal with the financial implications of losing their job.

Once everything is taken into account, including loss of employment and increased insurance premiums, Mr Greig believes the total cost of receiving a drink-driving conviction can reach £50,000.

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Expert Opinion
This is a wake-up call for all drivers on the road. Just one drink can change everything for you including serious injury and even if not, losing your job, but it can also have devastating consequences for other road users.

“When driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol, you are a threat to yourself, to other passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.

“People need to be more vigilant with road safety, especially with temptations around the Christmas period. I have unfortunately worked on cases involving car accidents which involve drink. Our experts have helped many accident victims to recover from or come to terms with living with serious life-changing brain and spinal injuries with specialist rehabilitation treatment and care.”
Neil Whiteley, Partner