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Cyclists To Benefit From New Low-Level Traffic Lights

80% Of Cyclists Favour The Use Of Low-Level Traffic Lights


New low-level traffic lights are set to be introduced at certain junctions and roundabouts in London, after they were approved by the government.

It is hoped the signals will help to improve road safety standards across some of the city's most notorious accident blackspots.

According to the Department for Transport, 80 per cent of cyclists who used the new lights during a trial period said they preferred them to existing versions.

Essentially, the lights are easier for cyclists to follow as they are at eye level. This, the government hopes, will cut down on the number of bikers heading out into a junction before it is their turn.

The signals will be installed at the Bow Roundabout first and Transport for London (TfL) could then roll them out at 11 other sites across the capital, including the junctions at Queen Street Place/Upper Thames Street and Euston Road/Pancras Road.

Cyclists have been campaigning for better road safety standards following the death of six bikers in London in November.

Mayor Boris Johnson recently unveiled a series of measures aimed at cutting down on the number of fatalities and serious injuries being reported on the city's roads and he has also welcomed the introduction of the low-level traffic lights.

"Just one of a number of new safety measures we've been discussing with the government, this new piece of infrastructure forms a key element of our cycling vision for London," he commented.

Leon Daniels, managing director of surface transport at TfL, said this type of equipment is used commonly in some parts of Europe and it is a good idea to bring them to London.

"These new signals, which will be a further improvement to the innovative traffic signals at Bow, will provide cyclists with a better eye-level view as to which stage the traffic signals are at," he added.

The first traffic lights will be installed in January 2014 and further trials could be carried out across the capital throughout the year. 

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Expert Opinion
This is extremely positive news for cyclists and for generally improving road safety around the London area.

“Only time will tell if the new low-level traffic lights will reduce the overall figures but with 80% of cyclists being in favour during the trial period it is a very pro-active start and we hope to see more measures unveiled over the course of 2014 and beyond.

“With the lights at eye level for cyclists, it will hopefully make it easier for the cyclists to judge when it is safe to head out of the junction.

“We have seen firsthand the consequences of cycling accidents and the impact that injuries sustained can have on people’s lives so any measure put in place that will improve the safety of cyclists is welcoming news.”
Colin Ettinger, Consultant