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Harrogate Inflatable Slide Incident ‘Leaves Several Injured’

Public Liability Expert Calls For Lessons To Be Learned


By Rob Dixon

The Health and Safety Executive has been informed following an incident at a car boot sale at Ripley Cricket Club, near Harrogate, in which several people were injured when an inflatable slide was blown over.

Reports have suggested that some people were taken to Harrogate District Hospital and another to Leeds General Infirmary after the incident yesterday morning (April 28th). Fortunately, no one is thought to have been critically injured.

North Yorkshire Police reportedly seized the slide following the incident with the children’s attraction, while a spokesperson for the Ripley Castle estate said they wished everyone affected by the incident a speedy recovery.

Irwin Mitchell represents people who have suffered serious physical and psychological injuries as a result of accidents in public places, including those affected by problems involving fairground rides and attractions.

David Urpeth, a Sheffield-based Partner and head of the team which specialises in public liability claims, said: “News of this incident is clearly very worrying and we hope that the police and safety authorities are able to work swiftly to determine how this happened.

“While little is known about the circumstances of the incident, it appears there will be many people who will want answers including to know what led to the problem.

“The ultimate aim will be to ensure that any lessons can be learned and everything possible is done to prevent the same problems happening again in the future, as well as to improve general safety in relation to inflatable attractions.”

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