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Expert Lawyers Secure Multi Million Lifetime Care Package For ‘Inspirational’ Dad Of Two Seriously Injured In Road Accident

Rugby Man’s Inspirational Fight Back From Serious Head And Internal Injuries


By Helen MacGregor

Expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell representing a father of two who suffered devastating injuries in a road crash with a lorry have secured a multi-million compensation package consisting of a lump sum and annual payments for the rest of his life to help with his ongoing care and rehabilitation needs.

Adrian Wright was travelling from work in Milton Keynes to his home in Hillmorton, Rugby, when a transit van travelling in the opposite direction lost control and collided with a lorry, which then smashed into his car head on. The 35-year-old suffered multiple serious injuries in the accident on 29 August 2006 and was airlifted to University Hospital in Coventry for emergency surgery.

Adrian was admitted to intensive care where he remained in a coma for two weeks and underwent lengthy reconstructive surgery after suffering a severe head injury, multiple fractures to his legs and serious internal injuries. A metal bolt was inserted into his skull to relieve pressure on his brain

Six years on from the accident, Adrian has still not been able to return to the job he enjoyed as he suffers from mobility, memory and eyesight problems and has developed epilepsy due to the head injury he sustained. He still suffers from pains in his legs and will also never drive again although he can get out and about with the aid of walking sticks.

Adrian instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who have now secured the settlement to ensure he can continue to access the care and rehabilitation he needs for the rest of his life.

Matt Brown, a serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who specialises in dealing with road accident victims and their families, secured the compensation package and is now working with the Court of Protection team in Manchester to help Adrian manage the money he has received.

He said: “At Irwin Mitchell we see too often the devastating consequences road accidents can have on people’s lives. Adrian has endured extensive surgery, psychotherapy and rehabilitation since the accident and it has been incredibly difficult for him to accept that his life will never be the same again because he can no longer work, drive or lead the active lifestyle he once did.

“The settlement and care package we have secured for Adrian following the initial interim payments will guarantee that he will be able to access treatment and rehabilitation for the rest of his life so he can continue to make progress in his recovery.

“Nothing can make up for the injuries Adrian has suffered, but hopefully the settlement provides him with some of the justice he deserves.”

Following the accident Irwin Mitchell secured Adrian interim payments to help kick-start his long road to recovery as soon as possible and after the initial life-saving operations in 2006 he began intensive physiotherapy to help him walk again and occupational therapy to enable him re-learn basic tasks such as making meals, shopping, paying bills and regaining his quality of life

He also saw a speech and language therapist to help improve his communication skills and attended regular gym sessions with a personal trainer to build up his strength. His family provided him with unstinting emotional support and also spent hours playing card games, Connect Four and Rubix Cube puzzles to help stimulate his brain.

Adrian still suffers from some memory loss, problems concentrating and trouble with his sight. He will never be able to return to his former job as an IT infrastructure provider and he is still coming to terms with how his life has changed. He has also developed epilepsy since the accident and is reliant on drugs to keep the condition at bay.

In 2007 the family also had to deal with the court case involving the driver of the van who was convicted of driving without due care and attention for which he received a fine of £325 and four points on his licence.

Adrian, who has a son aged 11 and a 13-year-old daughter, said: “The past six years have been the most horrific of my life, something I don’t think I’ll ever get over. Coming to terms with my injuries and how life is now has been really hard, particularly when I first got home. It was like being dropped in a desert and told to find my own way home. I didn’t really live, I just existed.

“But Irwin Mitchell has helped to put together a group of people including my case manager Lynn and my team of care workers and a specialist from their Court of Protection team to help me and I’m feeling much more confident. I know there’s a long way to go in terms of my rehabilitation but I’ve also achieved some great things since the accident, such as doing the Coventry Half Marathon in Autumn last year. I may have walked the route, but it was a big deal for me and I am hoping to take part in the London Marathon this year.

“The settlement is a huge relief and I feel much more secure now I know my finances are taken care of and hopefully now I can look to the future and move on with my life.

 “I am so grateful to the paramedics, air ambulance and the doctors who saved my life.  I just hope my experience is a wake-up call for other drivers who should realise they have people’s lives in their hands when they are out on the roads.”

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