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Expert Lawyers Reinforce Calls For Global Ban On Asbestos

Workers's Memorial Day Demonstration Takes Place


By Helen MacGregor

Asbestos lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have reinforced calls for a global ban on the deadly substance as the country gathers to mark Workers’ Memorial Day.

It comes as a demonstration is being held on April 26 outside the Russian Embassy in London calling for an end to the mining, sale and export of asbestos from Russia.

While many countries, including the UK, have now banned all asbestos imports, many third world countries are using the material widely in the construction industry. Russia is by far the world’s biggest producer of asbestos, and its asbestos propaganda campaign targets governments and consumers in developing countries where workers are not provided with protection from exposure to asbestos dust.

The April 26th demonstration will be the first asbestos protest outside a Russian Embassy anywhere in the world. It is being organized by asbestos victims, trade unionists and campaigners.

Alice Humphreys, an asbestos expert at Irwin Mitchell is attending the event. She said: “Workers Memorial Day is a time for the friends and families of victims who have lost their lives through illness or injury sustained in the workplace to remember their loved ones.

“It is very concerning that in many countries asbestos is still being used in construction industries without health warnings and protective equipment being provided to employees.

“Russia is supplying asbestos to many of these countries, which is why many people are expected to gather to show their support for action to bring an end to Russia’s production and sale of the material.

“Asbestos remains the biggest occupational killer of all time which is why we support a global ban on the substance to prevent further unnecessary deaths in the future.”

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