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New Calls For Canalside Safety Improvements In Sheffield

Man Rescued From Canal After Cycling Incident


A serious injury lawyer has have welcomed calls for new measures to be installed along Sheffield’s canal routes, after two incidents in a matter of days put safety concerns into the spotlight.

The Star reports that 56-year-old Anthony Boyes had to be rescued by passers-by when he fell into the water at Attercliffe after he hit a hole in the pathway while cycling along the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal towpath.

Mr Boyes, who stated that he may have died without the help of a fisherman and another cyclist who saw the incident, is now calling for new safety precautions to be introduced to prevent further incidents.

His problems occurred days after a 39-year-old man drowned in a branch of the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation in Rotherham while walking his dog.

His calls have been welcomed by Irwin Mitchell, which acts for people left with serious injuries as a result of cycling accidents and other incidents in public places.

Andre Grayson, a legal specialist who helps such victims gain justice and answers over such incidents, said: “Many people use canal side routes to get from A to B, but these recent incidents highlight that the safety of such areas should not be ignored by authorities.

“The case recently highlighted in local media has particularly put a spotlight on potholes and whether enough is being done to protect cyclists from potential risks and it is absolutely vital that this is considered as soon as possible.

“It is hugely important that as many lessons as possible can be learned from the two recent incidents seen in South Yorkshire, with a view to ensuring the similar incidents can be avoided in the future.”