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Mum Injured On Public Path Still Suffers Headaches Nearly Two Years On

Injury Experts Say Public’s Safety Must Be Top Priority


A mum-of-three who still suffers severe headaches and dizzy spells nearly two years after she was injured when her head hit the frame of a CCTV camera on a footpath is calling on those responsible for public places to take greater steps to protect people’s safety.

Carol Meek, 47, contacted personal injury experts at Irwin Mitchell who have secured a four-figure settlement for her pain and suffering after the owner of a nearby pub who had put up the camera frame admitted liability for her injuries and that it had been put up negligently.

She was walking along a path that runs alongside ‘The Insoles’ pub in Canton, Cardiff, in October 2010 and as she turned a corner she walked straight into a metal frame that had been erected at face height with no warnings it was there.

The professional dog walker was knocked unconscious and was losing a lot of blood from a deep cut to her head so a passerby called an ambulance to take her to hospital where the wound was glued together and she was treated for concussion.

Carol, from Cardiff, suffered severe headaches every day for two weeks as well as nausea and vomiting for three days following the incident. She had to take a week off work immediately after the incident but still has regular headaches now which can strike at any time.

Andre Grayson, a public liability expert at Irwin Mitchell who represented Carol, said: “Carol suffered nasty injuries because a CCTV camera was put up by the owner of a pub who hadn’t thought of the risks it could cause to people walking past.

“No planning permission had been requested and it was erected just behind a corner at face height so the public had no warning it was there.

“She still suffers headaches now as a result of the head injuries she sustained and she has to try and fit her dog walking around this.

“Those responsible for public places must ensure they consider people’s safety at all times and make sure steps are taken to prevent injuries like those Carol suffered.”

Carol said: “I’d parked my car to do some shopping and as I walked along the path next to the pub I turned the corner, putting my keys in my bag and the next thing I knew there was a big bang and then everything went black.

“The headaches I suffered after the incident were excruciating and I still regularly get them now and suffer dizzy spells which make me feel like I need to lie in a quiet room until they pass.

“It’s very hard because they can strike at any time and my job is quite physical but I just have to try and get on with it.

“I’ve been told eventually the headaches should stop all together but after nearly two years, it has caused me a lot of disruption and has had a big impact on my family and social life as well as work.

“I just hope my story reminds everyone who is responsible for public places to consider people’s safety.”