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Liquitab Safety Concerns Raised After Children Suffer Burns

Hospital In Glasgow Reports Cases Related To Washing Products


New concerns raised over washing machine and dishwasher liquitabs need to be investigated with a view to considering how safety in relation to the products can be improved, according to product liability experts at Irwin Mitchell.

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow has revealed that five children have been admitted this year with burns to their eyes and throats after biting into or squeezing the tabs, which tend to contain alkaline chemicals.

Staff at the hospital have now published a letter in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood to inform medical colleagues and parents of the potential dangers of the products, which children may mistake for sweets.

Irwin Mitchell represents victims who have been seriously injured as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals, as well as those hurt as a result of safety issues related to household products and appliances.

David Urpeth, an expert in public liability cases at the national law firm’s Sheffield office, said: “News of these incidents related to liquitabs is clearly a concern and highlights that there may be scope for reviewing safety standards already in place in relation to these products.

“We hope that manufacturers take these reports as a starting point to carefully assess whether improvements could be made to safety labelling, as well as whether packaging should be child-proofed.

“Such steps could go some way to preventing issues like those seen at the hospital in Glasgow from being repeated in the future.”

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