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Ten Workers Hospitalised Following Suspected Gas Leak

Workplace Injury Experts Call For Answers Over Barrow Incident


Answers are needed into an incident which saw ten workers hospitalised following a suspected gas leak at a processing plant in Barrow, according to workplace injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell.

Reports have revealed that the employees suffered breathing difficulties after being exposed to fumes from a leaking pipe at the Centrica site on Wednesday (October 17th).

An investigation has now been launched in relation to the incident, while the company has revealed that one gas processing terminal was closed following the issue. It was added that there was no risk to the public.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist workplace injury lawyers have vast experience acting for people who have suffered serious illness and injury following incidents at work, helping them to gain answers over the issues they have faced.

Sally Rissbrook, a legal expert in workplace safety at the national law firm, said: “Very little is so far known about this incident, but it is vital that authorities and Centrica work quickly to carefully assess what happened in this case and – more importantly - how it could have been avoided.

“We’ve seen numerous cases in the past when people have suffered serious long-term health problems after being exposed to fumes and substances in industrial settings.

“From our work, we know that those involved and their families will want answers over what happened and whether any safety failings led to the problems. Ultimately, we also hope that lessons can be learned which will prevent this issue from arising again in the future.”