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Royal Mail’s Dog Attack Calls Backed By Legal Experts

Concerns Raised Over ‘Outdated’ Legislation


Legal specialists representing victims of dog attacks have welcomed the Royal Mail’s calls for more to be done to protect postal workers from the risks they can face from dangerous dogs while on their rounds.

The organisation has stated that there were more than 3,000 dog attacks on postal staff in the 12 months to April and has said the seriousness of the issue warrants a more ‘robust approach’, such as taking legal action against irresponsible owners and even suspending deliveries in high-risk areas.

Donald Brydon, chairman of the Royal Mail, said the company also welcomed calls for a reform of laws in England and Wales so that legal action can be taken on owners regardless of where an attack occurs.

Irwin Mitchell has huge experience in acting for victims left with serious physical and psychological injuries as a result of dog attacks, helping them to gain access to funds to aid their recovery from such trauma.

David Urpeth, a Partner and specialist in dog bite claims at Irwin Mitchell, said: “We have said for some time that the current legislation is simply outdated.

“There have been a growing number of hugely worrying dog attacks in the past couple of years, including several which have occurred on public property. Indeed, it seems like barely a month goes by without this issue rearing its head at present.

“This is clearly a matter of huge concern and it has been clear for some time that action needs to be taken. The Government recently completed a consultation to improve legislation around dangerous dogs, but there is no indication when we will see the results of this.

“In addition, the plans did not include reference to compulsory insurance and licensing for owners, steps which we believe would have a huge impact on ensuring owners can be identified and held to account over the terrible problems faced by victims.

“The worrying trends seen in recent months simply cannot go on any longer and it is vital that some movement is seen on this issue as soon as possible.”