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North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry Plans Backed By Lawyers

‘Answers Must Be Provided’ Over Latest Concerns


Lawyers who specialise in representing victims of child abuse have welcomed news that an inquiry is being launched to gain answers over allegations of abuse in north Wales children’s homes in the 1970s and 80s.

Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed that an independent figure is going to be appointed to investigate the issue, which follows claims that a previous inquiry by Ronald Waterhouse in 2000 failed to uncover the extent of abuse across the period.

Original concerns which emerged in the 1990s were based around the Bryn Estyn care home in North Wales, although concerns were then raised about 40 other homes across the country.

News of the inquiry has come just weeks after a number of abuse allegations came to light regarding the late DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile.

Irwin Mitchell has vast experience in acting for people who have suffered physical and psychological abuse, helping them to gain answers and justice over the terrible problems they have been forced to endure.

Luke Daniels, a solicitor at the national law firm’s Birmingham office who specialises in helping such victims, said: “The past couple of months have been a shocking and disturbing period in which a number of allegations related to child abuse have been made.

“The bravery it takes for victims of abuse to come forward cannot be underestimated however and it is a very positive step forward that people have the courage to talk about the ordeals they have faced with a view to ensuring no one else faces the same awful trauma.

“It is absolutely vital that the bravery of the victims in north Wales is rewarded with an inquiry which goes to every possible length to investigate what happened, how previous investigations were handled and what can be done to ensure that the same terrible problems are not repeated.

“While little can now be done to right any wrongs seen in the past, steps can be taken to ensure that right safeguards are in place to ensure that vulnerable members of society are protected from any potential harm in the future.”

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