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Government ‘Must Think Carefully’ About CICA Scheme Changes

Lawyers Call For Care To Be Taken On New Proposals


Legal experts at Irwin Mitchell have revealed their concerns over reports that the Government is once again looking to make changes to an initiative which allows dog attack victims to seek compensation in relation to the ordeals they have faced.

Unions including USDAW and the Communication Workers Union have claimed that ministers are once again considering proposals in relation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) Scheme, which would mean victims of incidents such as dog attacks would be unable to gain justice over their injuries.

There are also concerns that the changes will mean that victims of other crimes may only qualify for reduced sums of financial support.

Irwin Mitchell represents a huge number of people who have been left seriously injured as a result of dog attacks, helping them to access vital funds which ensure they can get support from rehabilitation specialists in relation to the physical and psychological trauma they have faced.

David Urpeth, an expert in dog bite claims at the national law firm, said: “Dog attacks and the huge impact they have on so many lives have rarely been out of the news this year, with the most recent case seeing the death of a pensioner following an incident in south London.

“In a huge number of cases, when dog owners do not have insurance, the only way in which victims and their families can get support for their injuries is through the CICA Scheme.

“These changes, which were put forward earlier in the year only to be initially scrapped, would mean that such people may not be able to access the funds they need to get the treatment and care that they often need to recover from such incidents.

“The impact of these proposals cannot be underestimated, especially when twinned with the fact that ministers have not considered the introduction of compulsory insurance and licensing for dog owners.

“Quite simply, many dog attack victims could be left with nowhere to go when it comes to getting help for the problems they face. We would urge the Government to think very carefully about the changes and their potential implications.”

If you have been injured in a violent crime, our criminal injury claims team could help you to secure compensation. Our lawyers have handled a number of cases involving different incidents, often through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme. Contact us today for more information.