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Bradley Wiggins Injured In Road Traffic Collision

Serious Injury Expert Urges Motorists And Cyclists To Take Care


Legal experts who specialise in acting for people left with serious injuries in road traffic collisions have warned that a recent incident involving Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins has highlighted the continuing dangers that cyclists can face on the road.

Reports have revealed that 32-year-old Olympic gold medallist Wiggins was thrown off his bike when a Vauxhall Astra believed to have been pulling out from a petrol station collided with him in Wrightington, Lancashire on Wednesday (November 7th).

A statement from Team Sky confirmed that the cyclist was kept in hospital overnight for observation, although his injuries were revealed to not be as serious as initially thought. The driver of the Astra was uninjured in the incident.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist serious injury lawyers have vast experience in helping road users, including cyclists, seriously injured in crashes access funds which allow them to get expert rehabilitation and support for their recovery.

Jonathan Betts, a Partner and expert in serious injury at the firm’s Manchester office, said: “Very little is yet known about this terrible incident, but it is clearly a high-profile reminder to road users of the dangers that can emerge.

“While Bradley Wiggins will hopefully make a speedy recovery from his injuries, we have seen first-hand a number of cases when people have suffered serious life-changing injuries in road accidents which have had major consequences for both them and their families.

“We would urge all road users to ensure they do everything they can to keep themselves and others safe, while it is also important that both motorists and cyclists are offered continuing support and education from safety authorities to guarantee they are aware of potential risks.”