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High Court Award Settlement For Brain Damaged Boy To Fund Future Care

Expert Lawyers Call For Lessons To Be Learnt Across The NHS


Lawyers representing a six-year-old boy who suffered serious brain damage at birth because doctors failed to monitor his heart rate have called for lessons learnt from the devastating error to be shared across the NHS after he was awarded a large undisclosed sum at the high court today to fund his future care and rehabilitation.

AP suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy leaving him wheelchair bound and needing round the clock care.

His parents contacted specialist medial law experts at Irwin Mitchell in a battle for justice against University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the settlement awarded today will ensure he receives the specialist lifelong care and rehabilitation he needs. 

The Trust admitted failing to carry out thorough heart checks which would have highlighted AP's abnormal heart rate whilst his mum was in labour and would have led to them taking the decision to deliver him 20 minutes earlier, which would have avoided the brain damage.

Expert lawyer Rebecca Cherry from Irwin Mitchell’s London office, who represented the family, said: “I am pleased that in this particular case, the NHS trust made a sensible, early admission which has enabled the family to access the funds they desperately needed  far quicker than is usually the case.  It is now imperative that lessons learnt are shared across the NHS to prevent future heartache.

“AP is severely disabled and his parents have tirelessly provided for his care and wellbeing and ensured he is a central part of their family unit.

“It was recognised by the Judge today that, although money cannot compensate AP or his family for the devastating injuries AP suffered as a result of the negligence, the settlement will now provide the resources to ensure a secure future and to enable him to live his life to its potential.”