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Concerns Regarding Vaginal Rings And Contraceptive Skin Patches

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Research Suggests Danger Of Blood Clots

Recent research, published by the British Medical Journal online, has shown that women using the skin patch as a form of contraception have an 8 times increased risk of developing a serious blood clot compared with women who do not use any type of hormonal contraception.

There are also similar concerns over the vaginal ring being used as a form of contraception, where women were found to have a 6.5 times increased risk of developing the same.

The research suggests that this is caused by an increase in the sex hormone binding globulin in users of this contraception and the activated protein C, as these are both considered markers for the risk of blood clots.

No reduction in this risk was seen for long term users of both the contraceptive patch and ring.  Women who are using these forms of contraception have been advised to speak to their doctors about alternative methods that are available to them.

The data was analysed at the University of Copenhagen and over 1.5 million women took part in the study.
If you have experienced side effects or developed a blood clot when using either the contraceptive patch or vaginal ring, please contact our specialist product liability team.

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