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Medical Lawyer Calls For Lessons To Be Learned From Hinchingbrooke Review

External Report Released This Week


A clinical negligence lawyer acting for the families of two women who died following complications during surgery at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon has revealed her hopes for lessons to be learned from an investigation into standards at the site.

The independent external review into the colorectal surgery and associated clinical work at the hospital is expected this week, after HM Coroner David Morris invited the hospital to instigate this inquiry last year following a series of deaths referred to him which caused him serious concern.

These deaths included those of Mrs Jayne Smith and Mrs Patricia Spooner. The Trust has now formally apologised to both families.

Jenny Baker, the clinical negligence lawyer who acts for the families of both Jayne Smith and Patricia Spooner, said: “The family of Jayne Smith are still struggling to come to terms with her death  which it is felt could have been avoided had there not been wasted opportunities to address a recognised complication of the surgery in a timely manner.

“The Trust has now accepted responsibility for Jayne’s death and a claim has recently been settled. Mr Smith hopes that the scrutiny of the hospital which has followed Jayne’s tragic death will go some way to ensuring that this does not happen to another family ever again.

“Patricia Spooner’s family are also still coming to terms with their loss. On hearing that the findings of the external review would now finally be made public, the family said that they were pushing for lessons to be learned and improvements made. They said they hoped that the results of the review would ease their minds a little at this very difficult time.

“It is hoped that there has been a thorough investigation which will result in clear recommendations for change which are implemented swiftly and comprehensively in the interests of patient safety to avoid further basic errors in care.”