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Government Reaction Vital As Dog Attacks Dominate Headlines

Five Police Officers Injured By Animal During Raid


The recent spate of dog attack stories in the news, including one in which five police officers were injured after being mauled during a raid, demonstrates why government proposals on tackling dangerous dogs are desperately needed, according to an expert at Irwin Mitchell.

Reports yesterday (March 23rd) revealed that five constables were hospitalised with serious leg and hand injuries after the shocking attack involving a pitbull-type dog during a raid at a property in East London.

A firearms unit was called to contain and shoot the animal following the incident.

News of the attack has come just a week after the Royal Mail announced it is to investigate such incidents, due to staff being involved in them at a rate of 11 a day. The organisation added that around 400 employees have had to take time off in the past 12 months due to such incidents.

In addition, the Huddersfield Examiner reported on a case in which magistrates made a control order against dog owner Andrew Kelly, after his Alsatian Staffordshire cross attacked postman Edward Green in Marsden.

Personal injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell represent victims who have suffered serious physical and psychological trauma in dog attacks across the UK.

David Urpeth, a Partner and expert in such cases at the firm’s Sheffield office, said that recent events put the issue right into the spotlight.

He outlined: “We are eagerly awaiting an announcement from the government regarding potential changes to the legislation regarding dangerous dogs and reports of this kind highlight why it simply can’t come soon enough.

“New measures such as microchipping and compulsory licensing could make a huge difference  in relation to identification, ensuring that owners can be properly held to account for failing to control their pets.

“We also believe that compulsory insurance should be in place to ensure that those hurt in such incidents are able to gain justice for the terrible injuries and trauma caused.

“Dog attacks can have a significant impact on victims and it is clearly this issue continues to rumble on. Action is needed before anyone else is seriously hurt.”