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Buy To Let The Right Time?

Has The Time To Invest In Property Arrived?


The saying goes that there’s “no better place to put your money than in bricks and mortar” but that hasn’t really been the case in recent years as the property market took a bit of a tumble. However things might be changing, as Conveyancer Eve Lake explains.

Are you looking to invest in property? For the past six quarters, the demand for buy-to-let mortgages has increased.  Coupled with existing lenders easing their lending criteria, Eve Lake from our Conveyancing team suggests now might be a good time to look at that investment property portfolio you may have put on hold.  According to Moneyfacts research, the number of buy-to-let mortgage deals on the market has doubled in just two years, with around 485 currently available.

As many aspiring homeowners have had their property dreams dashed due to strict lending criteria and large deposits, their only option left is to rent. This increase in demand for rental properties has resulted in a degree of competition returning to the buy-to-let sector, giving it a well-needed boost.

Maybe worth a look in the property section this week then?

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