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Ballesteros Will Dispute ‘Highlights Importance Of Communication’

Family Reportedly Consulting Over Image Rights


An estate dispute over the image rights of Seve Ballesteros is just the latest case to demonstrate the importance of discussing decisions made in a Will before it is simply too late, according to experts at Irwin Mitchell.

Two of the later golfer’s sons are believed to have consulted with lawyers regarding instructions in his Will which mean that their cousin Ivan, who acted as the sportsman’s agent, has been given control of his image rights.

Ballesteros’s children are reportedly unhappy that they would need to seek permission in order to use his image, which played a huge role in helping the golfer to build his fortune away from the golf course with endorsements from the likes of Hugo Boss.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team acts for number of people who have launched claims in relation to their final wishes of their loved ones, including cases related to image rights.

Louise Sykes, Partner and head of the team, said: “We see so many cases where families feel they are left with little choice but to contest a Will or make a claim in relation to the terms of the instructions their loved ones have left.

“Like in a huge number of cases we see, there is a big possibility that a case like this one could have been avoided if the deceased had been able to sit down and openly discuss the decisions he had made in the Will and why he had come to such conclusions.

“Legal battles over Wills can be stressful and emotional, so taking steps to ensure that your loved ones are left in no doubt over your wishes can go some way to preventing them from having to head to court.”

Louise added that “those writing a Will should always take steps to ensure they cover off all of their assets, as failing to do so can only lead to confusion.”

She explained: “Image rights play a huge role in the lives of many famous people, while many people also now leave a significant digital legacy across the web when they pass away. We would urge those preparing a Will to consider all issues to ensure their wishes are completely clear from the outset.”

If you are involved in a will dispute or need further information about contesting a will, please visit our Will, Trust & Estate Disputes section