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Amy Winehouse Estate Details ‘Put Intestacy In Spotlight’

Reports Reveal Pop Star's Assets Have Been Left To Parents


The news that the estate of late singer Amy Winehouse has been left to her parents has put the issue of making a Will firmly into the spotlight, an expert in estate disputes at Irwin Mitchell has advised.

Probate documents have revealed that the estate of the singer, best known for her acclaimed album Back to Black, will go to her parents as she did not write a Will. Her former husband will therefore not receive anything.

Her father Mitch was also named administrator of the estate, which is believed to be valued at around £3 million after debts and taxes have been paid.

Irwin Mitchell’s Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team act for friends and relatives of people who have died intestate and believe they have a claim in relation to an inheritance.

Chris Walton, a solicitor in the team who specialises in providing advice on claims against estates, said: “This scenario highlights how an estate is handled when the deceased has passed away before they have had a chance to make a Will.

“That the entirety of Amy’s estate passes to her parents (to the exclusion of siblings and other friends) should act as a warning to people who haven’t prepared for the future that failing to outline your wishes can cause some friction down the line, often leading both family members and friends to launch claims if they feel they are entitled to an inheritance of a share of an estate.

“The only way to ensure that your wishes are met and an estate is divided how you want it to is to seek professional advice on writing a Will.”

Chris added that awareness of these issues continues to rise, due to a number of high-profile cases in the media.

He outlined: “Programmes like This Morning have covered this issue recently and it is understandable that the deaths of well-known people like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston have led to an increase in interest.

“However, estate issues are not solely the domain of the rich and famous. Everyone needs to put provisions in place to ensure that family and friends know how you want your assets to be treated.

“Failing to do so means you run the risk of potentially putting your loved ones through legal battles which can be both time-consuming and emotionally difficult.”

If you are involved in a will dispute or need further information about contesting a will, please visit our Will, Trust & Estate Disputes section