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Sheffield Specialists Go Global With Advice On The Wills Of The World

International Enquiries Build On Will Dispute Team’s Impressive Reputation


Will disputes experts in Sheffield have revealed how they have been contacted by people across the world for specialist advice on contesting Wills and gaining access to the inheritance that they believe they deserve.

Irwin Mitchell’s Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team has been asked for help by clients from as far and wide as the Middle East, Asia, North America and even Australia, as well as across Europe.

Their international credentials build upon the team’s already impressive reputation in the UK, where they continue to receiving an increasing number of enquiries from people who have concerns over how a loved one’s estate has been divided.

Louise Sykes, the Partner who leads the team, said the reason for their growing international reputation was closer to home than many may realise.

She explained: “We are able to generally provide legal advice and represent foreign nationals when the deceased was mainly resident in England or Wales.

“This means we have been able to help numerous people who have made enquiries from locations as wide-ranging as the US and Canada to the United Arab Emirates. It has been fantastic to provide support to people from so many different places – although I must admit we had to reach for the map when we were contacted from Tajikistan.”

Commenting on the team’s growing international profile, Louise said: “There are a range of reasons why we are being contacted from abroad.

“The internet will have contributed greatly, but our cases have also flagged instances when people have emigrated and forged relationships across the world. Some may also now have extended family after remarrying in other countries.

“Overall, we also feel that high-profile cases in the media have led people across the globe to have a much better understanding of the issue of contesting Wills and how they can bring a claim in relation to an inheritance or estate dispute.

“However, this also flags a more worrying trend – that people may be failing to ensure their family and friends are fully aware of their wishes before they pass away, meaning their loved ones are left facing difficult and emotionally fraught battles over assets.

“We would always urge people to ensure they leave comprehensive, fully updated and clear Wills to loved ones, but also emphasise that anyone who has concerns over such issues should seek legal advice if they want to challenge decisions made about a loved one’s estate.”