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Legal Experts Welcome New RoSPA Gym Safety Campaign

Body Partners With FIA To Reduce Unnecessary Injuries In Fitness Industry


A new joint initiative designed to improve safety in the physical activity industry has been welcomed by legal specialists at Irwin Mitchell who are receiving a growing number of enquiries in relation to gym accidents.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) have launched a partnership to create policies, training programmes and campaigns to boost both quality and safety in the sector.

Both organisations have stated that they hope to put in place guidelines which will ensure that people are able to raise health and safety management standards with a view to reducing unnecessary injuries but also ensuring that any regulations are fair and proportionate.

The sentiment has been welcomed by legal experts at Irwin Mitchell, who are regularly contacted by people who have suffered injury as a result of safety failings in gyms and other sports centres.

Reiss Matthews, a legal specialist at the firm’s Birmingham office who has helped victims secure answers over such accidents, said: “Gyms and the sports activity industry are as popular as they have ever been, which means it is absolutely fundamental that the sector puts the health and safety of its patrons first.

“Unfortunately, we have seen cases where people have been left with significant injuries due to a lack of safety standards, whether it be due to equipment and machinery being poorly maintained or insufficient information provided on the use of certain items during induction.

“We hope that the RoSPA and FIA’s campaign leads to significant improvement which will not only ensure that lessons are learned from the past, but new measures are put in place to prevent further problems in the future.”

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