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Lawyers Call For Action Over Teva Levothyroxine ‘Manufacturing Difficulties’

Worried Patients Ask For Help Following Drug Alert


Medical lawyers who have been asked for help by patients who have suffered health problems after taking Teva UK’s Levothyroxine tablets, are urging the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to come clean over ‘manufacturing difficulties’ which led to the suspension of the drugs’ license.

A drug alert recalling all Levothyroxine 100 microgram tablets, used to treat thyroid hormone deficiency, manufactured by the company and branded as Teva or Numark, was issued in May 2012 following concerns that it may not be interchangeable with other brands of the drug and suggestions  that the product could be harmful.

Patients switching to Teva UK’s brand have suffered from a range of symptoms including weight gain, exhaustion, hair loss and loss of libido, while concerns are particularly high for patients who are pregnant, have heart disease and those who were taking the drug following thyroid cancer treatment.

Irwin Mitchell’s product liability lawyers have now been instructed to act on behalf of some of those affected who are demanding to know what happened to cause the problems and discover what can be done to avoid the same issues from emerging again.

Gary Walker, a product liability lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, commented “For many people this medication is vital for their well-being and the consequences in this case could be tragic.

“It is a huge concern to see ‘manufacturing difficulties’ being cited as a possible cause of these problems.  The MHRA needs to provide comprehensive answers following a full investigation into how this drug came to be available on the market and why the apparent issues with the manufacturing process were not identified or dealt with earlier.

“For the sake of our clients and others affected by problems, it is vital that all of the information gathered on this issue is released and used to ensure that the same issues never arise again.”

Gary added that the problems highlighted a wider issue relating to the standards to which drugs and other medical products need to adhere.

He said: “This is a prime example of the deficit in the regulation of the pharmacological and medical devices in this country and throughout Europe. 

“I would call upon the MHRA and other regulatory agencies to take every possible step to ensure that any pharmaceuticals or medical products provided or used in the treatment of patients offer the highest level of safety possible.

“Time and time again we see cases where this not the case and it must simply stop.”

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