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Inquest Into Death Of Three Month Old Girl

Hearing To Being This Week


An inquest into the death of a three-month-old baby who died after receiving treatment for breathing difficulties, a chesty cough and sickness will be held at Sheffield Coroners Court.

Alexia Carnall-Cotterell died on 15 February 2011 after receiving treatment from, the Sheffield Walk In Health Centre and The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield.

The inquest is currently listed to be held on 20, 21 and 26 June led by Julian Fox, HM Assistant Deputy Corner for Sheffield.

Laura Craig, medical law solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, is representing Alexia’s parents, Nikki Carnall, of Heeley, and Alex Cotterell, of Meadowhead, Sheffield, at the inquest.

She said: “Alexia’s family have been left broken hearted by her death and they have many questions about the events which took place before she died. We hope the inquest provides some explanation as to how she died so they can gain some peace of mind and begin to move on with their lives.”