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The Biomet AES Ankle Replacement System

Potential Product Liability Cases For Patients With the Biomet AES Ankle Replacement System


The Biomet AES Ankle Replacement System was designed and manufactured by a French company before being imported into the UK.   The system has two metal components, made of cobalt/ chromium, with a polyethylene floating bearing in between them.

The Leeds Teaching Hospital was funded to become a “centre of excellence” for these replacement systems and as such many people in Yorkshire were fitted with them.

However, in 2009 there were reports that the device was associated with a high risk of osteolysis.  Osteolysis is where particles rub off the implant and the body tries to clean these up and remove them.  This causes an auto-immune reaction which causes living bone to be absorbed.  This can then result in the implant loosening and bone breakages.  It can be seen on x-rays and looks like there are holes in the bone itself.

If you, or a member of your family, have suffered pain or disability as a result of being fitted with a faulty Biomet AES Ankle Replacement System, our expert defective products team could help you to claim compensation.

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If you were fitted with a Biomet AES Ankle Replacement System and have suffered pain or disability as a result, you will want to know that your legal advisors have the experience needed to help you with your claim.

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