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People Need Treatment After Chemical Alert At Essex County Council

Emergency Services Called Out To Deal With Suspected Leak


An investigation is underway after nine people were reportedly being treated following a suspected chemical leak at the Essex County Council building in Colchester this morning (July 9th).

Emergency services were called to the site following concerns in relation to a number of people being taken unwell, with the incident coming after the building was evacuated over similar issues at the end of June.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has revealed that it is now investigating whether chemicals used in a clean of the boiler system may have potentially been distributed around the building after being picked up by the air conditioning.

Irwin Mitchell represents numerous victims left seriously injured or ill as a result of chemical leaks and other incidents related to hazardous substances.

David Urpeth, an expert in cases of that nature at the national law firm, said: “Although very little is currently known about both incidents at the building, it is vital that every effort is made to provide reassurances over safety.

“One of the biggest concerns is that a chemical-related incident has occurred for the second time in a matter of weeks, so there will be many people who will want to know that the same problems are unlikely to emerge again.

“In our experience on these types of cases, we have seen the long-term health impact that contact and exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals can have. These problems need to be carefully examined to see what can be done to ensure lessons are learned.”