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Industrial Disease Expert Calls For More Understanding Of Nanomaterials

New Study Raises Concerns Over Potential Risks


New research has shown a clear need for more research to be undertaken to fully understand the potential risks that exposure to nanomaterials could have on workers who come into contact with them, according to an industrial disease specialist at Irwin Mitchell.

A study published by the Institut de Veille Sanitaire in France has highlighted a number of concerns in relation to the risks which engineered nanomaterials could pose and calls for a full investigation to be organised to examine the issue more closely.

The report also went on to state that such nanomaterials could potentially be involved in the development of respiratory disease among workers, including conditions such as asthma or even cancer.

Mark Allen, a legal specialist at Irwin Mitchell with vast expertise in cases of industrial disease, said it was vital that the issues raised by the report are carefully considered.

He outlined: “Having seen the truly shocking impact that respiratory illnesses and industrial disease in all forms can have on victims, it is vital that this research and its recommendations are recognised and acted upon.

“This remains an area about which very little is still known, so we are hopeful that further examination will provide more answers about the potential risks and clearer indications on how to protect workers from potential harm.

“There are many questions to be answered on this issue and we hope that positives steps can be taken on this very important issue soon.”