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Further Problems At Four-Star Luxury Egyptian Hotel

Expert travel lawyers instructed to act for Holidaymakers returning from Egypt with Illness


British holidaymakers whose breaks to a luxury Egyptian hotel were ruined by illness, including one suffering salmonella poisoning, have instructed travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell to take legal action on their behalf.

Susan and Lee Fellows and their two children Daniel, 15, and Natalie, 20, all became ill, with Susan falling ill just two days into their long awaited stay at the four-star Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel in Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheik in Egypt in May 2012.

Susan, who still suffers from gastric symptoms including  stomach cramps and diarrhoea two months on, saw her GP when she returned home to Brimington in Chesterfield and it was confirmed she was suffering from Salmonella poisoning, a serious bacterial infection which can cause longer term consequences such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Susan was also contacted by her local Environmental Health Officer who confirmed that her illness was likely to have been caused by a breakdown in hygiene standards in the hotel kitchens.

The family, who booked their trip through First Choice, believe their illnesses were caused by poor food hygiene at the hotel. They said the restaurant was serving what appeared to be undercooked food. Some of the food also appeared reheated, they complained that the cutlery, crockery and tablecloths were dirty with flies seen swarming around the communal eating areas.

As well as the Fellows family, Irwin Mitchell has successfully represented 10 clients with similar complaints in 2010, including a 71-year-old who suffered such severe gastroenteritis that his doctor believed it caused him to suffer a stroke while on holiday at the hotel.

Jatinder Paul, a travel law solicitor at Irwin Mitchell representing the holidaymakers who stayed at the Tropicana Grand Azure, said: “Unfortunately this is not the first time we have represented holidaymakers staying at this hotel.

“We are very concerned about the seriousness of illnesses suffered by a number of our clients who went on holiday to the Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel. Everyone who goes on holiday with a reputable tour operator to what is a Four Star luxury hotel expects high standards across the board – they certainly do not expect or deserve to contract illness due to inadequate food hygiene standards. We hope that First Choice will now work with us quickly and amicably to ensure justice is done and to resolve this case for our clients.”

Susan Fellows, who is still suffering stomach pains two months after first becoming ill with salmonella poisoning, said: “This was the worst holiday of our lives and we would definitely not go back to the Tropicana Grand Azure Hotel again. As well as the problems with food which appeared to be undercooked and a restaurant which was dirty the pool areas and public toilets were filthy.

“We were hoping for a relaxing family trip but it was just the complete opposite. It was horrible to see my family feeling so unwell when we should have been enjoying ourselves. I’m still suffering from my illness even now and I was horrified when the doctor told me it was down to salmonella poisoning.

“To hear that Irwin Mitchell has represented other holidaymakers who have also suffered terrible experiences at the Tropicana Grand Azure is astonishing.”