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Former Decorator Appeals For Ex-Colleagues To Help With Asbestos Investigation

Expert Industrial Illness Lawyers Seeking Information On Insurers Of Shipley Decorators


A former decorator diagnosed with asbestos related cancer mesothelioma is appealing for his former colleagues to help provide information to help with his battle for justice.

Arthur Gerald Fox, from Shipley, Bradford, was diagnosed with the aggressive cancer in late 2010. Until this time he had been a very fit, healthy and independent husband, father and grandfather.

The 71-year-old is now working with asbestos related disease experts at Irwin Mitchell in his battle for justice and answers as to why he was exposed to the deadly dust. The law firm is appealing for anyone who might have any knowledge of the insurance providers for Raymond Long Limited (also known as R.L. (Painting Contractors) Limited) who were based in Shipley. 

Gerald started working for Raymond Long Limited after he left school in 1957 until the late 1960’s as an apprentice decorator working on a wide variety of jobs for the company ranging from small domestic jobs up to heavy commercial work in the many mills and industries around Bradford.

He believes he was exposed to asbestos on several occasions at various factories and buildings in the Bradford area and is hoping that someone may come forward to help shed light in relation to who the relevant insurers were while he was working for the company.

Gerald says the whole family was shocked by the cancer diagnosis, he commented: “I had been fit and well up until the diagnosis and I thought they had the wrong man when they told me that I needed to be admitted onto a hospital ward. In fact, I had been doing some renovation work on my house and thought I was too busy to be brought down by cancer.

“When asbestos was mentioned by the doctors the first thing I thought of was the time that I had spent working for Raymond Long.  I only now hope that I will be able to ensure that my family will be provided for after my death and that I will be able to see justice done.”

Ian Bailey, a Partner in the industrial illness team at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds who is representing Gerald, said: “Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer that sadly cannot be treated. Many workers were exposed to asbestos in the 1960s and 70s despite the risks of the material being widely known.

“The difficulty is that because the illness can take 30-40 years to develop, many businesses no longer exist so it can be difficult to trace insurers so that the sufferer can bring a claim.

“If people believe they may have information on Raymond Long Limited then we ask them to please get in touch to help Gerald in his battle for justice.” 

Ian Bailey also said that claims such as these illustrate the need for there to be a central register of employer’s liability insurers so that individuals diagnosed with terminal illnesses do not have to endure unnecessary and protracted litigation. 

He added: “Employer’s liability insurance was a legal requirement from the early 1970’s in order to protect employees in the event of accident and illness. Even prior to this, it is thought many companies did have polices of insurance but due to the lack of records that are kept it is practically impossible to identify insurers unless the insurer themselves decides to come forward.”

Anybody with relevant information should contact Ian Bailey at Irwin Mitchell on 0113 394 6765 or at ian.bailey@irwinmitchell.com.