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Canadian PHD Student Wins Battle For Justice After Hit And Run

Future Rehabilitation Secured For Victim of Road Crash


A Canadian student who was forced to put his PHD studies on hold for three months after he was the victim of a hit and run is now getting his life back on track thanks to help from serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell.

Dion Curry, 31, from Rustlings Road in Sheffield was walking along Ecclesall Road with his friend in October 2008 when an out of control Audi R8 hit a WV Golf  with such force that it mounted the pavement and struck Dion, throwing him through a shop window and  leaving him unconscious. 

Then driver was never criminally prosecuted but injury experts at Irwin Mitchell have now secured Dion a five figure out of court settlement from the insurers of the Audi R8 responsible for the crash. They have joined Dion in calls for motorists to take more care on the roads and be aware of the devastating consequences of dangerous driving,

Katy Bailey, a serious injury lawyer from the Sheffield office of Irwin Mitchell who represented Dion, said: “On the night of the incident Dion was walking home, sharing an umbrella with a friend as it was raining heavily, when a car mounted the pavement and hit him with such force that he was sent hurtling through a shop window resulting in Dion being hospitalised for two weeks.

“Time and time again people who have suffered serious injuries in road crashes come to us for help and we have seen just how devastating such incidents can be both physically and psychologically, often leaving victims needing long-term rehabilitation and care.

“Whilst we are delighted to have helped Dion gain access to funds he needs for rehabilitation, including regular treatment by a chiropractor  so he can get his life back on track, nothing can make up for the ordeal he has been through and the health problems he continues to face because of that fateful night.

“I would urge road users to always drive with due care and attention – especially in bad weather that can make driving conditions particularly treacherous.   The consequences of a moment’s carelessness can be truly devastating and turns lives upside down.”

Following the incident, Dion was rushed to Sheffield Teaching Hospital’s A&E Department where he was monitored and treated for several serious injuries including a head injury, which still causes him headaches, difficulties with concentration and mood swings.

He also has permanent, severe scarring to his back caused by glass from the shop window as well as torn ligaments in his knee and an injury to his back requiring chiropractic treatment. 

Speaking of his ordeal, Dion said: “The accident set me back over three months in both my PhD research and teaching, and created undue stress for me financially and personally. I was in no position to deal with the legal issues that arose afterwards, and I was grateful that Irwin Mitchell took care of all the details and let me get on with my life.

“I can only hope that what happened to me will encourage road users to drive safely so no one else goes through what I have.”