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Widow Of Joiner Appeals For Witnesses To Help In Asbestos Investigation

Lawyer 'keen to hear' from workers


The widow of a man who died from asbestos-related lung cancer is appealing for anyone who might have worked with her husband and can help shed light on his exposure to the deadly dust to come forward to help in her battle for justice.

Graham Studd, 60, from South Kirkby near Pontefract, lost his fight with mesothelioma in October 2010, 18 months after he was diagnosed with the disease caused by asbestos exposure.

His wife Carol, 61, vowed to continue battling for answers after his death and today issued a plea for help from his former colleagues at Clifford Radford (Builders) Limited in Stockingate, South Kirkby, where it is believed he may have been exposed to the deadly dust during his apprenticeship.

Ian Bailey, a Partner in the industrial illness team at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds who is representing the family, said: “Before he died Graham remembered being exposed to asbestos when he was working as a joiner for Clifford Radford in the late 60s and early 1970s when the dangers of the lethal dust were known.

“Despite this he was never warned of the dangers of working with asbestos or provided with any protection.

“Through no fault of his own he suffered a terrible illness that has snatched him away from his family. I’d urge anyone with who can give details of working conditions at the firm in the 60s and 70s to come forward.”

He adds: “I’d also be extremely keen to hear from anyone who may have worked in offices at the firm who may be able to shed light on its insurers because - as the situation currently stands - people negligently exposed to asbestos and their families may be denied the financial security they are rightfully entitled to where the employers’ insurer cannot be traced. 

“In this case, as we are unable to trace the insurers the family face the devastating prospect of being left without answers and being able to achieve a sense of justice following Graham’s unnecessary death.

“Please do get in touch if you can shed any light on this vital issue to help Graham’s family progress their case.” 

Commenting on her family’s loss Carol, from South Kirkby near Pontefract, said: “In the final months of his life, Graham suffered immensely. Nothing can prepare you for what happened and how it has affected us all. He was just 60 when he died.

“I remember the company where he worked being involved in many contracts in our area so there must be people who worked for the company around the time that Graham did who could help.  We’ve been devastated by what happened – we’ve lost a husband, a father and are desperate to know how and what work Graham did many years ago which came back to haunt us.”

Anybody with relevant information should contact Ian Bailey at Irwin Mitchell on 0113 394 6765 or at ian.bailey@irwinmitchell.com.

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