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Will Disputes Specialists Back Remember A Charity

Experts Reveal Support For Major Initiative


Estate dispute experts at Irwin Mitchell are supporting a major campaign organised to raise awareness of the importance of keeping Wills up-to-date and highlight how people can also leave money to charities.

The Remember A Charity campaign is this year looking at the issue that around 29 per cent of people in the UK believe they want to change their Wills, meaning that up to £1 trillion is technically at risk of not being left to the person they wish.

Through its latest initiative, the organisation is urging those who have not got around to amending their wishes to do it as a matter of priority to ensure that they do not leave their loved ones facing an emotional battle to gain access to an inheritance.

In addition, the campaign is promoting the idea of leaving a legacy to charities – a move which is much more common than many people may think.

Adam Draper, an associate solicitor in Irwin Mitchell’s Will, Trust and Estate Disputes team, said: “We act for many people who have been given no option but to take legal action in order to gain access to an inheritance that they believe they are entitled to.

“Disputes over Wills can be incredibly difficult for families, often causing serious emotional scars that never fully heal.

“However, it must be remembered that people who are writing a Will can avoid much heartache by seeking professional advice in the first instance and then also sitting their family down to explain the decisions they’ve made and why.

“In addition, remembering to keep a Will up-to-date can be incredibly useful in ensuring your wishes are met.  Such simple steps can play a huge role in preventing any problems in the long term.”

Commenting on leaving a legacy to charities, Adam added: “This issue is often raised when a high-profile person or celebrity dies, as in recent times the likes of Jimmy Savile have left significant sums to causes close to their heart.

“However, anyone can do this and it can offer significant benefits to third sector organisations which of course rely on the generosity of the public to continue their work. However, we would once again urge people to inform their loved ones of their decision to do this and explain why before it’s too late.

“Keeping family and friends informed through the process of writing or updating a Will can prevent many issues going forward.”

If you are involved in a will dispute or need further information about contesting a will, please visit our Will, Trust & Estate Disputes section