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UK Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Watermelons

Experts Call For Thorough Investigation Into Concerns


Illness experts at Irwin Mitchell have called on health authorities to work quickly to investigate whether watermelons could be linked to an outbreak of salmonella which has reportedly affected 30 people across the UK.

The Health Protection Agency has confirmed that the number of cases was three times higher than normal in the past two months, with all of those affected testing positive for the Salmonella Newport infection.

Early indications suggest that watermelon could be behind the outbreak, which is also believed to have affected four people in the Republic of Ireland and 15 in Germany.

Authorities have advised the public to ensure they always wash fruit or vegetables before consumption to cut the risk of possible illness.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist lawyers act for those who have fallen ill in outbreaks both in the UK and abroad and has much experience of helping people affected by problems related to salmonella.

Clive Garner, head of the national team, said: “While it is very early days in the investigation, it is absolutely vital that experts work quickly to determine whether watermelons are indeed the cause of the outbreak and how, if so, they came to be contaminated.

“An organised and fully co-ordinated approach is vital to guarantee that the source of the problems can be quickly identified to prevent any possible threat of further infection. Such investigations will also help to highlight whether any failings in hygiene standards could have played a role in the problems.

“Ultimately, we hope that important lessons can be learned from this outbreak which will prevent similar problems from arising in the future.”