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Irwin Mitchell Helps Bristol Boy Get Active For Christmas

Law Firm Funds Loan Of Second Wizzybug


The mum of a five-year-old boy from Bristol who has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk unaided has spoken of her delight at receiving ‘the best early Christmas present’ by seeing him able to play with his brother and sister in the garden for the first time after he was donated a new motorised Wizzybug.

The bright red fun buggy, which sports a smiley face and eyes and is controlled by a colour coded joystick, now means little Coby Musgrove, from Pilning, can gain confidence in moving around independently for the first time.

Now Coby’s delighted mum Tracy Martin, who says it wouldn’t have been possible to get him the Wizzybug without some financial support, has expressed her thanks to the South West office of law firm Irwin Mitchell who have funded the initial cost of the Wizzybug as well as its maintenance.

The firm saw how much the fun Wizzybugs could improve the lives of their clients, many of whom have been victims of severe medical negligence, and developed a partnership with the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) who have set up the loan scheme, to help local disabled youngsters with severe mobility problems.

This is the second Wizzybug loan Irwin Mitchell has helped to fund. The first saw three-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Sophia McCormack from Stockwood in Bristol finally able to keep up with her twin sister after she was donated a buggy in December last year.

Natalie Jones, a medical law expert at the Bristol office of Irwin Mitchell explained: “We have seen firsthand how disabled youngsters have benefited from a Wizzybug during their early years and how it has helped them gain independent movement, as well as teaching them from an early age how to use a powered wheelchair.

“Coby has cerebral palsy and already used a motorised wheelchair at school as he is unable to walk so he’s got to grips with the Wizzybug really fast and we hope it continues to improve the quality of his life and gives him confidence with his movement.

“The loan scheme makes the Wizzybug accessible to more local families with disabled children. For a child who cannot walk it makes such a huge difference to have an electronic buggy which has been designed especially for their needs. We are delighted to help support BIME’s loan scheme because we know that the Wizzybug changes youngsters’ lives for the better.”

Mum-of-five Tracy said: “Coby’s little sister Lily, who is two, is toddling about more and Coby was becoming frustrated that he could not keep up. The Cerebral Palsy affects his entire body and he can’t walk and only rolls to move around.

“But he’s already much happier with the Wizzybug and can speed around in the garden until his heart’s content. It’s the best early Christmas present we could have wished for. He’s so smiley now and it really has given him a new lease of life.

“I can already see that it’s improved his co-ordination as he manoeuvres round the house and the Wizzybug means we can all go out to the park and on family days out without worrying how Coby will cope.

“Coby would never have been able to get the Wizzybug if it weren’t for Irwin Mitchell and I’m so grateful to them and BIME for allowing Coby to use it. It’s giving him so much more confidence, even at school, and that’s absolutely invaluable.”