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Families Warned Over Face Paint Product With High Lead Content

Tarton Collection Kits Unaccounted For Following Recall


Product liability experts have backed calls for parents to be vigilant this Christmas after concerns were raised about children’s face painting sets imported from China and found to contain high levels of lead.

Chelford Limited, based in Salford, was fined over £14,000 due to product safety breaches in relation to the Tarton Collection Kits, which it brought over to the UK.

A sample of the product was bought by trading standards officials last year and was discovered to be toxic. However, concerns have now been raised as just 300 of the 7,200 kits which have been sold to shops across the UK have been returned following a product recall.

Anyone who owns the Tarton Collection Kits has been urged to contact their local trading standards authority as soon as possible.

Katrina Elsey, a personal injury representative at Irwin Mitchell who specialises in product liability claims and helping those injured by defective items, said: “Significant concerns have been raised in relation to these kits and we would urge anyone who has bought a kit or believe they may have one to quickly contact local experts.

“We have been involved in many cases in which people have suffered serious injury and illness due to safety failings with consumer goods that should have been avoided.

“The action taken over these sets is very welcome but it is clear there is still plenty to be done to ensure the safety of the general public.”

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