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Children Injured After Hedge Trimmer Slices Bus Roof

School Pupils Hurt In Essex Incident


Four children were injured and others left with shock after an incident in which a tractor-mounted hedge trimmer struck a school bus in Essex, cutting into the roof of the vehicle as it travelled through Wivenhoe.

Paramedics treated the four pupils hurt in the incident, which occurred as around 45 youngsters were being taken to Colne Community School and College in Brightingsea on Thursday morning (December 7th).

It is believed the other vehicle involved was trimming tree branches along the  road the bus was travelling. A replacement bus service was organised shortly after the incident.

Irwin Mitchell represents people of all ages who have been hurt in road accidents and accidents in public places, including those injured in coach and bus accidents across the UK and abroad.

David Urpeth, a Partner who specialise in such claims at the national law firm, said: “This is clearly a very worrying incident and while four children were hurt, it is fair to say that it could have had much greater consequences for those on board.

“We hope that the circumstances of this incident are closely considered to determine what happened and how the same problems can be avoided in the future.

“The families and the children involved will obviously be keen for answers and it is vital that these can be provided.”