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Woman Suffers Hip Injury At Olympic Rowing Venue

Checks Carried Out On Venue Seating Following Incident


The organisation behind the London 2012 Olympics undertook a check of seating at all of its temporary venues after a woman was injured by a broken seat at Eton Dorney Lake, it has been revealed.

Reports have revealed that the woman injured her hip while watching events on the first Saturday of the sporting event, after welding apparently failed to hold the seat she was using in place.

News of the incident came within the space of a few days when seating issues were also raised by spectators who saw sports action at other venues such as the Riverbank Arena and Lord’s cricket ground.

Locog confirmed shortly afterwards that a full check of all temporary seating provided by contractors at venues had been comprehensively checked, with some seats being replaced.

Andre Grayson, a legal expert in public liability claims at Irwin Mitchell, said: “While the Olympics has been a huge success, it is a worry to hear stories of safety problems of this kind emerge.

“It is very welcome that Locog took significant steps to check and review the seating at its venues and hopefully lesson can be learned which will ensure that the same problems will not be seen at major events in this country in the future.”