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Potential Product Claims Following The MHRA Medical Device Alert

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The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority) issued a medical device alert on 18 July 2012 in relation to a total ankle replacement implant. The Ankle Evolutive System, manufactured by Transysteme, has been linked with a higher than expected frequency of osteolytic lesions in patients implanted with the total ankle replacement implants.

The osteolytic lesions usually form as a result of osteolysis. This is where particles rub off the implant and the body tries to clean these up, it triggers an auto-immune reaction which causes living bone to be absorbed.  It can be seen on X-rays and appears as though there are holes in the bone or “punched out” areas.

The reasons why the lesions form are currently unknown and the manufacturer has stopped further distribution until further information becomes available.

The MHRA have been informed that from 2002 to 2009 there were approximately 450 of these devices implanted within the UK. The MHRA are advising that people who have received these implants should be monitored at least every year.  People will be monitored through CT scans if they are experiencing increased pain and this could lead to surgical intervention if there are large or multiple lesions.

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