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Parent Drivers Urged To Recognise Importance Of Child Seat Safety

Case Highlights Dangers Of Motorists Using Wrong Equipment


Serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell have called on parent drivers to ensure that they always use the correct seating for their children, after a recent case highlighted the huge consequences of failing to do so.

In the case of Emma Hughes (by her aunt and litigation friend Anne Marie Armstrong) v Estate of Dayne Williams & Louise Emma Williams, it was revealed how a three-year-old girl was left seriously injured in a road traffic collision which occurred while she was sat in a booster child seat.

The court heard how the mother of the youngster chose to restrain her in the seat despite the child not meeting the age, height or weight criteria. It was also concluded that the girl would have sustained only slight injuries if she was placed in a more suitable child seat.

Irwin Mitchell’s team of serious injury lawyers represents people of all ages left with life-changing injuries as a result of road accidents, including children who have suffered significant brain and orthopaedic injuries in such incidents.

Cathryn Godfrey, a specialist in such cases at the firm’s Leeds office, said: “This terrible case has highlighted just how important it is for parents to make absolutely certain that the car seats they use are suited to their youngsters.

“Through our work we’ve seen the huge impact that serious injuries can have on both youngsters and their families and have long campaigned for drivers to recognise the importance of using roads in the safest possible manner.

“We would also urge parents to always use the right equipment to protect their children, as this incident shows what a huge difference the right child seat could potentially make if an accident does occur.”