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Illness Lawyers Call For Answers As Schools Struggle With Outbreaks

Sites In Scotland And Wales Tackling Sickness Problems


Experts in illness claims at Irwin Mitchell have revealed their concerns after reports revealed that both Blackhall Primary School in Scotland and Lampeter’s Primary School in South Wales have been hit by outbreaks.

Reports from the Edinburgh Evening News have revealed that more than 70 pupils were affected by the gastric illness problems at Blackhall in March, with many suffering symptoms including a high temperature, sickness and diarrhoea.

The school has been given two deep cleans since the problems emerged, while events were cancelled to prevent the potential spread.

Cambrian News has also reported that more than 100 children were thought to be affected by a similar outbreak at Lampeter’s, with many pupils and staff being asked to submit samples to help determine the cause.

Illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have secured justice for thousands of people who have suffered health problems after being caught up in illness outbreaks both in the UK and also while on holiday across the globe.

Elizabeth Tetzner, a specialist in such cases at Irwin Mitchell, said: “It is welcome to see in both cases that steps have been taken to identify the cause and prevent the spread of the illness, it is absolutely vital in cases like this that efforts are made to learn lessons from these incidents.

“Gastric illness of this kind can often leave those affected with serious long-term health problems that they never fully recover from, so it is vital that anyone who thinks they may have been affected should seek medical advice.

“Ultimately, it is imperative that health authorities work quickly and thoroughly to highlight how these problems occurred and what can be done to prevent the same issues from being repeated in the future.”