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Evidence To Be Heard At Inquest Into Death Of One-Year-Old Baby Girl


The inquest into the death of a baby girl will reconvene on Monday (30 April) at Birmingham Coroner’s Court when evidence will be heard outlining the circumstances that led to her death.

Hayley Fullerton had just celebrated her first birthday when she died at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Her mum Paula Stevenson and dad Bobby Fullerton have ever since been seeking a full explanation as to what led to Hayley’s death.

Evidence will be heard on Monday from the family and staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Hayley was treated for a heart condition and subsequently died.

Speaking before the inquest, Paula Stevenson said: “The death of Hayley has had a devastating effect on the entire family. After her heart operation we had serious concerns about certain aspects of her care whilst she remained in hospital.

“I hope that the inquest provides us with answers as to what happened to cause Hayley’s death.”