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Building Firm Fined Over Accident Which Left Passer-By Injured

Victim Suffers Serious Injuries While Waiting At Bus Stop


A woman suffered serious multiple injuries in an accident in a public place when a piece of machinery being lifted on a nearby office block struck her as she waited at a bus stop.

Concentra Ltd has been fined £20,000 and ordered to pay costs in relation to the incident in September 2008, in which the victim suffered broken bones, cuts and swelling to her head. The injuries have also affected her working life and studies.

An investigation revealed that a crane which had not been fitted correctly was used to lift the air handling unit involved in the incident. The issue meant that, when the unit struck a mast climber, it was knocked from the sling and struck the member of public.

Natasha Lewis, a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell who represents people who have been left with life-changing injuries as a result of safety failings in public places, said the lessons should urgently been learned from the case.

She outlined: “Companies working in or close to public places need to ensure they put measures in place to prevent any possible risk of harm to both workers and the general public.

“This case, like many that we are involved in, shows what happens when the issue of health and safety has not been carefully considered – as well as the very serious consequences which that can lead to.

“We hope that this kind of scenario sends a clear message on the importance of using proper risk assessments, training and the provision of suitable equipment to ensure work is always carried out in the safest possible manner.”