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GP Figures Highlight Cancer Scan Concerns

New Data Raises Concerns Over Diagnosis Delays


The government and NHS must work quickly to address concerns over claims that access to some scans is being restricted in an effort to reduce costs.

According to the data compiled by the GP newspaper, some primary care trusts have been found to be limiting access to scans for diagnosing diseases like cancer, as well as urging doctors to reduce the number of people being sent for such scans.

Concerns have been raised that actions of this kind could delay the diagnosis of cancer in some cases, although the government is now proposing to give GPs direct access to scans in an effort to improve survival rates.

Medical law experts at Irwin Mitchell, who act in a number of cases in which people have suffered as a result of errors in treatment or misdiagnosis, have called for action following the release of these new figures.

Lisa Jordan, a Partner and medical law specialist at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office, said: “This appears to be another example of NHS services choosing to make cost-cutting a priority ahead of the welfare of patients.

“”It is vital that this issue is carefully examined by the government and managers within the NHS, with a view to ensuring the system for scans, which could lead to the diagnosis of cancer and another devastating diseases, is improved.

“An early diagnosis can prove absolutely vital in the battle against serious illnesses and it is very worrying that claims over potential restrictions in scans have emerged.

“All patients need access to the best possible care and I hope that the government’s strategy will ensure issues like this become a thing of the past.”