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Expert Warns Of Environmental And Financial Dangers Of Flytipping

New Figures Highlight Consequences Of Problem


An environmental law specialist at Irwin Mitchell has called for more action to be taken on the issue of flytipping, after new research highlighted the financial cost of such activities.

Figures from the Countryside Alliance suggested that the problem costs local authorities around £40 million a year, with incidents happening 75 times an hour on average.

Despite this scale of the issue, it is believed prosecutions were only brought in 50 cases. Hopes are high that the government’s current efforts to tackle the issue will raise awareness of the problem and ensure that transgressions of the law are significantly reduced in the future.

David Egan, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell who specialises in cases related to environmental law and waste management, said the new figures highlight the devastating consequences of flytipping.

He explained: “As well as the huge financial cost of addressing the issue, flytipping can also lead to the pollution of land and water, as well as causing serious long term damage to the affected environment.”

“Tougher enforcement powers are required as a matter of extreme urgency, so it is welcome news that the government intends to continue to crack down on such activities. There is also a strong argument that the Judiciary should consider deterrent sentences of imprisonment in severe cases.”

“The environment should be nurtured and protected for future generations and action is required now.” 

“We would also urge that businesses are provided with the best possible tools and information to ensure their waste management policies are fully compliant with environmental regulations. Any companies with doubts should seek specialist advice immediately.”

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