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Campaign Launched Over Bristol ‘Asbestos Landfill’

Community Raises Concerns Over Potential Risks


A campaign launched in the south-west against a council’s plans to create a landfill site for asbestos close to a local lake must not be ignored, experts at Irwin Mitchell have urged.

Local residents, parish councillors and Bristol Water are taking a stand against approved plans which would see a dumping ground for the material created close to Chew Valley Lake, with concerns raised that asbestos could contaminate the lake and subsequently the local water supply.

While Bath and North East Somerset Council have claimed there is little risk and involved the Environment Agency in the planning process, the campaigners are planning to hold a rally against the plans.

Asbestos specialists at Irwin Mitchell, who act for those who have suffered serious illness as a result of exposure to the material, have urged the local authority to listen to the concerns of the local community.

Satpal Singh, an expert in asbestos-related disease at the firm’s Bristol office, said: “We have seen the devastating impact that asbestos can have on many lives, helping both cancer sufferers and their families in battles for justice in relation to exposure.

“The council needs to ensure safety is a top priority and, from reports, looks to be working towards guaranteeing that any dumping of asbestos materials on the site will not affect any of the nearby environment.

“However, we would urge the local authority to work together to address the community’s concerns and provide reassurances that it is listening to them.

“Asbestos is already responsible for a terrible legacy across the UK and every effort should be made to guarantee that as many people as possible are protected from any potential risks.”