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Action On Child Abuse ‘Must Continue To Improve’

Research Reveals Rise In Convictions


New figures showing a rise in the number of prosecutions for sexual abuse on children are positive but efforts to address the issue must continue to improve, a child abuse expert at Irwin Mitchell has warned.

According to figures from the Ministry of Justice, the number of convictions in such cases in England and Wales has risen by around 60 per cent in the past six years, with a total of 2,135 recorded in 2010.

However, while some improvements in detection of such problems has been noted, groups including the NSPCC have said there is still plenty to be done to tackle child abuse across the UK.

Gary Walker, a solicitor and expert Irwin Mitchell who helps victims of child abuse seek justice over the trauma they have faced, echoed that view.

He outlined: “It is undoubtedly positive to see the number of people being held to account for abuse rise, but there is plenty of evidence which suggests that instances of abuse remain under-reported.

“In our experience, victims of abuse tend to have suffered immense physical and psychological trauma from which they never fully recover, with the incredible stress of the problems often leaving them too scared to speak out.

“However, it is vital that awareness is raised over both the issue and the advice and support which is available to victims to help them look forward to a brighter future.

“We hope that this latest evidence will continue to raise awareness and understanding of this important issue.”

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