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More Than 30 Treated After Chemical Accident At Industrial Estate

Expert Calls For Full Investigation Into Incident


A workplace safety expert at Irwin Mitchell has called on authorities to work quickly to discover the cause of a chemical incident at an industrial estate which left more than 30 people needing medical treatment.

Emergency services were called to Newlands Industrial Park in Somersham in Cambridgeshire after reports emerged that people in the area had been taken ill.

Two people have been hospitalised following the problems, while around 33 others had to be treated by paramedics following the incident. It is thought that crop spraying close to the location may have played a part in the issue.

David Urpeth, an expert in public liability and national head of workplace injury at Irwin Mitchell, said it was vital that the incident was thoroughly investigated.

He outlined: “It is a major concern to hear reports of this incident, particularly after seeing that a number of people have suffered problems as a result.

“We act in a number of cases in which people have suffered as a result of safety failings in relation to the handling and management of potentially harmful substances, and have seen how in some cases such problems can have a significant long-term impact on victims.

“A full investigation needs to be launched to determine how these illness problems came to occur, as well as to ensure that lessons can be learnt from this case which will ensure that the same problems are not seen again in the future.”

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