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Joiner Suffers Leg Injury After Fall From Height

Man Fined Over Scaffolding Incident In Louth


A man from Louth has been fined £15,000 over a work accident in which a self-employed joiner broke his leg after a fall from height.

Andrew Mark Judge, trading as Panther Scaffolding, was prosecuted in relation to the case of Mario Mazzarella, who was injured while working on scaffolding built for him by the firm at the Helal Restaurant in the town in November 2009.

The construction worker fell four metres to the ground when a bus collided with the structure and, according to the Health and Safety Executive, Mr Judge and his firm should have ensured that the scaffolding was safe for users and vehicles moving through the area.

David Urpeth, a Partner and expert in workplace injury at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office, said: “Our work with the victims of falls from height has shown that such incidents can have a devastating impact on those involved, often leaving them with serious injuries.

“All companies have a duty to ensure their projects are properly planned and that every aspect of safety is considered, particularly in town centres and built-up locations where members of the public could be close to the location of the work.

“We hope that construction firms take note of this case and bear it in mind in the future, as it is vital that lessons are learned which will ensure no one else suffers in the same way as the person affected here.”

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