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Investigation Begins Following Woman’s Death In Nightclub Crush

Three Others Injured At Event In Northampton


Police have begun an investigation after one woman was killed and three people suffered serious injuries at an incident in Northampton nightclub Lava and Ignite.

Emergency services were called to the site early this morning (October 19th) in relation to reports that over 1,000 people attending an event in the club were trapped inside. It is believed that the woman who died and the other parties hurt suffered crush injuries.

The owners of the nightclub have confirmed the location will be closed for the next two days while officers look to piece together what happened.

Irwin Mitchell represents a number of people who have suffered injuries in public places, including those who have been injured in stampedes and instances of crushing at nightclubs.

Gary Walker, a solicitor at the law firm who specialises in public liability claims, said: “This tragic incident needs to be fully investigated as quickly as possible, with a view to discovering exactly what happened at the club and how people came to be hurt.

“While it is much too early to think about a cause, it is incredibly important that every aspect of the night is examined thoroughly with a view to identifying what can be put in place to prevent this from happening again.

“What is particularly concerning is that we have seen problems like this before. The reports suggest this was a major event and it is absolutely vital, for the sake of those who have suffered that lessons can be learnt which will both increase safety standards and reduce the likelihood of such tragedy in the future.”