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Expert Calls On Britons Not To Ignore Importance Of Wills

People Urged To Act Now And Prepare For Future


Will dispute experts at national law firm Irwin Mitchell who have received an increasing number of enquiries from families unsure what to do with the estates of loved ones who have died are calling on people across the UK to think of the future and write a Will.

The call has come after reports revealed only three in 10 Britons have a Will, meaning a huge number of people are passing away without leaving a clear indication as to how they would like their financial and personal affairs to be dealt with in the future.

Now, in the lead-up to Make A Will Month in November, will writing and estate dispute experts at Irwin Mitchell have revealed their enquiries from people with concerns over the issue have increased by 30 per cent in the past 12 months.

They are now urging people to act and ensure friends and relatives are being provided with clear information on their final wishes and how they would like to split their assets.

Adam Draper, a solicitor who specialists in contesting Wills at the national law firm, said: “From both our own data and figures from other bodies, there appears to be trends that many people are simply not thinking about both their own future and that of their family.

“This is a huge concern considering the often-complicated nature of family life in the 21st century, when a growing number of people are divorcing and remarrying – meaning the number of extended family who may expect to inherit assets inevitably rises.

“So many of the people we represent feel they are left with little choice but to take legal action in order to gain access to what they feel entitled to, and often we see this come about as a result of their loved ones not leaving a Will in place or simply failing to ensure it has been drafted in the clearest possible manner.

“Fortunately, there are options available to those faced with launching a Will dispute. However, an easier option for all involved would be to ensure that people have noted their wishes down in a Will and informed their relatives of their wishes before they die, as this would go some way to preventing a long-running court battle which provides difficult in the long run.”

Adam added: “Many people may regard writing a Will as a complicated process, but it can be made a lot easier by talking through concerns with professional legal experts who will be able to ensure that every aspect of the document has been drafted in the best way.

“By doing that, people can be reassured that not only are they making plans for the future, but they are also taking positive steps towards preventing their loved ones from having to make difficult decisions or consider legal action to claim what they believe they are entitled to.”

If you are involved in a will dispute or need further information about contesting a will, please visit our Will, Trust & Estate Disputes section